dotCMS: Your Hybrid CMS

The life of a modern digital marketer is challenging, to say the least. In larger enterprises, everything is siloed: the teams, the technologies, tools, data and as a result, the customer experience is siloed. It seems like such an easy idea to bring in a suite solution (like Adobe, Sitecore or even IBM) some years ago. However, it took a little army (IT and business) to implement and even after install, the dependency on IT resources was too high, slowing time to market, marketing agility, and marketing autonomy, therefore hindering business outcomes like conversions, customer engagement, and retention. However, before writing off the investment in a suite solution to go to a pure headless CMS, consider a different approach: Hybrid CMS. Hybrid CMS gives you the best of both worlds, however, there are only a few CMS vendors in the industry that can operate as a hybrid CMS by design, and dotCMS is one of them.

In our White Paper, you'll learn:

  • The Digital Marketing Shift
  • When Pure Headless CMS Isn't Good Enough
  • Why a Hybrid CMS Wins
  • "Everything as a Service"
  • Drag and Drop as Usual
  • Managing Business Outcomes