What's New in dotCMS 5.0

In this new version, dotCMS 5.0 brings a variety of UI / UX enhancements for marketing and business teams. With a fresh Edit Mode, upgraded ElasticSearch, and multiple drag and drop capabilities, everything in dotCMS 5.0 has been designed with our ‘NoCode’ philosophy - meaning minimal developer involvement, greater market agility, shorter time to market, and lower Total-Cost-of-Ownership of the dotCMS digital platform.
New features and capabilities include:
  • Drag and Drop Page Editing
  • Drag and Drop Layout / Template Editing
  • Drag and Drop Content Type Builder
  • Drag and Drop Workflow Builder
  • Multiple Workflow Schemes Per Content Type
  • ElasticSearch Upgrade 6.1

Download now for more on each new feature in dotCMS 5.0.