At the recent Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit in NYC, digital experts Jonathan Whiteside and David Hegarty from Building Blocks digital agency, spoke on how they've helped clients succeed in maximizing campaign creation ROI using a CMS. 

To meet today's content marketing demands, marketers are building out multiple campaigns around various types of content, events, promotions, and more. Building out these campaigns, however, tends to be a tedious process that involves building out new landing pages and content assets and throwing them away after - referred to as 'build-and-burn'. Brands know this is inefficient, yet 45% of marketers say their organization has the right technology to manage their content marketing strategy but isn't using it to its full potential.

This is where Building Blocks sees the potential to use technologies, like a CMS, in order to build components that maximize campaign creation ROI. This componentization of content reduces the time to market, help makes marketing teams more self-sufficient, and improves operational and brand consistency. These single components, built in your CMS, can be used multiple times with different experiences layered on top - removing the time and effort wasted in a 'build-and-burn' strategy. They enable a framework that is flexible enough for marketers to build what they need yet still provides a consistent brand.

Top brands are using components in their CMS in order to build a framework that allows for easily producing campaigns that can keep pace with their content marketing strategies. Download the slides from the Building Blocks presentation to learn more.

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